Email Update 09.3.22

This is a copy of our email update sent out to all groupbuy participants and subscribers:

Hey everyone,

This is a comprehensive update regarding adjusted timelines and future project progress after confirmation with our factory representatives and collaborators. Some of this has already been posted within our Discord community more extensively, including timestamped screens of representative correspondence. All updated timelines that have been given to me also reflect another recent lockdown in Shenzhen and Chengdu. Within Shenzhen this is due to a spike of cases in Futian, Oahu, Longhua, Yantian and Baoan districts and is not expected to effect the manufacturing sector long similar to the previous Springs lockdown.Β Again all dates presented within this email are made with this lockdown already factored in.

Additionally several people have contacted me regarding address changes without a Google form submission. If you have filled out the corresponding Google form and have not observed your shipping info update within Shopify feel free to resubmit the form and contact me at or 𝔠𝔯𝔲𝔒𝔩 𝔴𝔬𝔯𝔩𝔑#0486 on Discord and I will update this myself.

Those contacting me regarding adding to or modifying components and layouts within your original order, please understand that I have to guarantee A-Stock units and components to all groupbuy participants before I can commit to these kinds of requests. Extra components will all be available post groupbuy.

CW80/60 Β 
Most recent updates from Dadesin (DDS) have confirmed that all units are moving through varying stages of anodization with several units being addressed for color mismatch and re-anodization where necessary. This also applies to a limited amount of PVD weights. As of this weeks most recent update from our representative the project completion date has been adjusted to mid-November, this includes quality control, assembly and export. Photos of all milled units awaiting surface treatment per last Discord update have been added to our production photos album.

All other components are received, SKU’d, sorted and stored in temperature controlled warehousing as they await enclosure completion. Upon receiving, secondary quality control and pick and pack is expected to take 1-1.5 weeks to before groupbuy orders are expected to be handed over to DHL International.Β 

Final streaming units in a new color way will be shipped hopefully within the coming month and will be streamed by Taeha sometime before our in-stock sales go live.Β 

Final Home
Production has started on our fifty early release units in specialized colorways, these are expected to be produced within 1.5 months per manufacturers last contact and will be sold as in-stock units. A handful of small changes and refinements have been made mostly regarding correcting tolerances and assembly have been made as well as some slight changes in the side-profile and case top.

We’ve also received our dummy custom PCB prototype from Hineybush to verify fitment. This PCB has been modified to account for hidden fasteners, gasketed and plateless options, multiple daughterboards, cable routing system and a unique shape to account for the enclosures unique acoustic-minded internals. The original prototype will be sent to streamer xinxinwong by mid-September. Β Following the completion of this round, production for a greater public sale will begin (hopefully) in late November.

Pixy TKL
First two prototypes are to be assembled and shipped this this coming week per last manufacturer update. These feature β€˜wine’ anodized aluminum and brass internals and are expected to be built by Alexotos and Lulzthax respectively.

Custom PCB work by Hineybush, a new gasket system and even an OC drawn by a very cool artist are all in the works. I’ll be skipping an β€˜FNF’ round for this board in order to get this into production sooner rather than later, ideally alongside my Alice board.