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Inspired by fashion tastemaker Kosuke Tsumura and his penchant for understated external design and hidden functionality. 

Special thanks to Liberator, Relapse and Hineybush for helping me make this happen.


+ Layout: Standard Alice
+ Colors: Wine, grey, champagne, powder blue, green (limited), survival orange (limited) 
+ Typing angle: 6°
+ Materials: 6063 aluminum, brass, polycarbonate
+ Mount: Proprietary injection molded gasket
+ Hardware: M2, M4
+ Front height: 17mm
+ Unbuilt Weight: 4.2lbs 
+ PCB: Hineybush Alice custom + indicator light module + usb-c daughterboard
+ Includes: Hard-case, microfiber, QR assembly guide, MDPC-X JST, 60A stock gasket + aluminum full plate
+ Add-Ons: PCBs, aluminum plate (full/half), gaskets
+ Future Add-Ons:  Plateless kit, polished stainless steel bottom weight, plates (fr4, delrin, polypropylene, carbon fiber)
+ Anticipated Price: $500 (Polycarbonate groupbuy), $550 (Alu in stock)
+ Target eta: Polycarbonate groupbuy (Late Q3) - In stock (Late Q4)

In-Stock + Groupbuy Quantities:

(note: Polycarbonate models will only be available as a groupbuy item, in-stock units consist only of aluminum units. Limited green and orange units are extras from FNF sale.)

 Grey 100
Wine 125
Champagne 125
 Blue 125
PC (GB Slot) 100
Green 10
Survival Orange 10