Customized keyboards for the discerning typist.

Customized reiterations of existing designs are available based on my own availability, current workload and the complexity of the commission in question.

Before continuing, please observe the following guidelines:

  1. I will only begin the design process once a deposit has been submitted. I will provide as accurate of an estimate cost as possible prior to taking any payment.
  2. Timelines for custom work fluctuate depending on the complexity of the work requested and my own availability.Β That said I aim to complete your kit within 5-6 months once the design is finalized and payment is complete.
  3. I reserve the right to "no-bid" or decline any commission request for any reason. This can include the use of protected branding, a backed workload or an inability to commit toΒ a project with a reasonable timeline.
  4. I make no commitment to exclusivity.Β With the exception of personalized branding elements, I reserve the right to utilize colorways and finishes in any capacity in future projects.

Your commission includes the following:

  • One complete keyboard kit - one aluminum enclosure, standardized weights, plate type of choice and one PCB. Alternate case material use (ex. polycarbonate, stainless steel) and weight surface treatment (PVD, heat-treated) are available at an additional (and significant) charge.
  • Simple engravings - any branding element that is not provided by the buyer or that significantly changes the geometry and machine-time of components will be subject to additional charges.
  • Custom anodization/surface treatment - color matching and sample chips for one solid color. Patterned or masked anodizations are available and subject to additional charges.
  • Hard-case and microfiber

Baseline Pricing:

CW60:Β $1800
CW80:Β $2000
Ground-Up Commission:Β Determined based on complexity.

To get the process started, fill out the form here.

For any questions related to commission work, feel free to reach out utilizing the follow contact methods found here.