This project exists as a piece of referential design and an amalgamation of features from my favorite custom keyboards (namely the OTD Koala + TGR Jane V2), condensed into my two preferred layouts. The principle aim was to merge these classic design elements with modern features and provide a level of modularity and customization to suit the end users typing preferences. This includes an individualized injection-molded gasket mount, seamless enclosure design and hidden cable routing amongst a bevy of other features.

+ Layouts:

88 (F13) -WKL, WK
87 (F12) - WKL, WK
60 - WKL, WK, HHKB
+ Colors: Grey, Wine, Pink, Lilac
+ Typing angle:
+Materials: 6063 Anodized aluminum body, brass internal weight, stainless steel accent weight
+ Mount: Proprietary injection molded gasket
+ Hardware: M3, M4 Hex
+ Front height: 18mm
+ Unbuilt Weight: Approx 5.8lbs (TKL), 3.5lbs (60)
+ PCB: Hineybush H88, H87, H60 + Unified Daughterboard
+Includes: Hard-case, microfiber, QR assembly guide, MDPC-X JST, 60A stock gasket + polycarbonate full plate
+ Groupbuy Price:
$490 - $605
+ In-Stock Price: $500 - $615