Email Update 07.12.22

This is a copy of our email update sent out to all groupbuy participants and subscribers:

Hey everyone,

To make a better effort to communicate group-buy progress as well as future project updates you'll be receiving this newsletter. In making this change I'm hoping to increase transparency and make this information more accessible outside of our Discord community. I'll only contact you for the most crucial updates and you're free to unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

As I will be out of country to do in-person quality control I may be slow to respond to more direct lines of contact such as Discord - instead I encourage you to contact me through the sites web portal. If you have any questions about your order please provide me with an invoice number for verification and I'll respond within 1-3 business days

CW80/60 Group-buy Update

After a handful of delays earlier in the year we are in the final stretch of production before our fulfillment process begins. As it stands, all components aside from enclosures are finished and awaiting shipment from storage to our fulfillment warehouse. As of the time of this writing all parts have left milling and are at various stages of the anodization process. After inspecting for anodization mismatch between all three case components these kits will be assembled, passed through a secondary manufacturer-side quality control process, packed into hard cases and shipped to the same warehouse via rail freight. A comprehensive list of all production details from this projects inception to its current state can be found here.

Β As it stands we're anticipating an August ship date per manufacturers last contact. In the event that there are any further delays or deviations from this timeline I will communicate them as promptly as possible.

If you need to change your address please fill out this form. Submissions are updated every Wednesday and Friday until units are shipped. At the time of this writing all submitted address change requests have been processed.

Β Upcoming Projects

β€’ Final Home - Awaiting a finalized PCB from Hineybush. Once this is confirmed our first 50 units in specialized colorways will immediately begin production as materials are already paid for. In-stock units will begin production shortly thereafter with a target date of Q1 2023. You can find more information here.

β€’ Pixy TKL - Production of our first two prototypes is nearing completion - both will feature different material mid-plates, a V2 of our original gasket mount and a semi-custom H88 PCB. A listing including a comprehensive breakdown will be available on our website shortly.


Talk to you guys soon,